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Bible Study Notes- Aug 25, 2021


Abandonment in Psalms 22

Abandonment Psalms 22
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Many have struggled with how to have faith through times of desolation. But the Scriptures offer strength and hope to those feeling forsaken by God. When we feel abandoned, we should be honest about our pain, but we should also look to community and to God to find strength. Psalm 22 shows us how to do that.

Identify the Current Issue

Sometimes we feel utterly alone, even when surrounded by other people. That feeling leads to the thought that God and others have abandoned us. Psalm 22 expresses this feeling of abandonment.

Although this psalm was written sometime around 900 B.C., its correlation to Jesus nine centuries later is amazing. This is why the New Testament quotes or alludes to this Psalm 24 different times.

Discover the Eternal Principles

A; We all go through times when we feel abandoned.

B: We can find strength by choosing to be in community.

C: We can find hope by looking to God’s future kingdom.

Apply Your Findings

God is not shocked when we feel forsaken by him. He became flesh in Jesus Christ to experience abandonment on our behalf. But we can help each other through these times. Who can you reach out to show you care?

Need Prayer? We got you covered!

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