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Bible Study Notes- Sept 1, 2021


JOY in Psalms 33

joy Psalms 33
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We think joy is dependent upon our circumstances, but the Psalms help us realize that we can find joy in every circumstance. This study will look at ways to find joy in every area of life, because joy stems from the knowledge of God’s work in our past, his plan for our present, and his power over our future.

Identify the Current Issue

How can we express joy if we don’t feel joyful? Our circumstances are always changing, so we must find our joy in God.

Discover the Eternal Principles

A. We find joy by remembering God’s voice from the past.

B. We find joy by looking for God’s plan in the present.

C. We find joy by acknowledging God’s watchfulness in our lives.

D. We find joy by anticipating God’s mighty power.

Apply Your Findings

Psalm 33 encourages us to find joy in our relationship with God. Unlike joy that is based on circumstances, joy found in God lasts forever.

Read Philippians 4:4 and James 1:2–3. What is the connection between praise to God and joy?

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