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Sunday 7-26-2020 Sermon & Notes

July 26,2020

Drea Carr

The Old Testament can be said to revolve around a system of sacrificial offerings mitigated by priests during rituals to atone for the sins of humanity, especially of Israel.

These offerings run throughout the majority of the Old Testament.

1. THE BURNT OFFERING: Leviticus 1

Purpose: Provided reconciliation, atonement for unintentional sin, expression of devotion, commitment and complete surrender to God.

2. THE GRAIN OFFERING: Leviticus 2

Purpose: A memorial portion to recognize God’s goodness and provisions, devotion to God, showed a heart of gratitude, voluntary


Purpose: Fellowship and thanksgiving, voluntary

4. THE SIN OFFERING: Leviticus 4

Purpose: Mandatory atonement for specific unintentional sin, provided purification, forgiveness of sin

5. THE GUILT OFFERING: Leviticus 5

Purpose: Mandatory atonement for unintentional sin

“But those sacrifices are an annual reminder of sins, because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins” Hebrews 10:3–4

"When we look back at burnt offerings in the Old Testament- we understand now that it was a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God slain to make it possible for us to have fellowship or intimacy with God". ~Drea


Here are some ways the sacrifice that was offered up...representing the ways we could offer up every part of our lives

· They had to take a live lamb- no dead sacrifices – see Romans 12:1 – YOU are the New

Testament offerings God wants to consume- the life we offer should be full of passion

and the fire must not go out.

· The lamb had to be unblemished- conducting ourselves in a manner that is worthy of

the Gospel we represent

· Its neck had to be slit and skin had to be peeled back – transparency and

vulnerability; laid bare before God- everything in the light and nothing hidden. We

must also learn confess our sins on a regular basis.

· Its organs had to be taken out, and each one had to be thoroughly washed- every

crevice- see Psalms 51:6- He desires truth in the inward parts- honesty with God

· Its head had to be cut off – bringing our thought life before God. Including our eyes,

ears, mouth – representing what we watch, listen to and speak about.

· Its legs had to be cut off -Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your steps

· The fat had to be trimmed – our own fleshly desires

· Every piece of the lamb had to be arranged in the line of fire on the altar – Lord let

the Fire of the Holy Spirit to consume us.

*Note: The Last step the priest needed to carry out was taking the ashes to the ash heap (Lev 6:8-12) and changing clothes.

CALL TO ACTION: Romans 12:1-2

1. Be Holy – Let our lives be pleasing to God

2. Be Real – Live authentically and transparent before God

3. Be Giving- Give our hopes and lives back to Him daily

4. Be Bold- Share how he’s completely forgiven you to those around you

5. Be Loving – Let your life be an act of worship and Love to God and to others

Need Prayer? We got you covered!

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